ServiceKey security services provide a dedicated team of professionals to each customer account. Our team focuses on the content and context of critical assets as they move about the organization’s ecosystem. For organizations seeking to protect their most critical assets, they need a program run by experts, such as ServiceKey’s team, who understand our customers’ business practices and security strategies

Attacks on all networks have been increasing year after year as hackers have become more sophisticated, and businesses are being affected every day by relaxed or non-existent security policies.

Statistics show 1 in every 5 small businesses networks would be compromised. Crimes in cyberspace will cost the global economy $445 billion in 2016 according to an estimate from the World Economic Forum's 2016 Global Risks Report.

Solution providers say the recent high-profile Ransomware incident at a California hospital should be a warning sign for health care and other businesses to develop a more comprehensive security strategy, one that moves beyond protecting against information theft to also preventing unauthorized changes in information or loss of access. Article

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Security Solutions


With network security in place, your company will experience many benefits. Your company is protected against business disruption, which helps keep employees productive. Network security helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance. Because network security helps protect your customers' data, it reduces the risk of legal action from data theft.


As the universe of potential cyber threats continues to expand with greater speed, you need some form of cyber security service to protect every point of vulnerability. We can provide expertise in everything from security strategy and risk management to network penetration testing and security architecture design.


Although wireless technology has now matured to the point that it is now fast and secure enough to be deployed in a business environment, there are still many different factors to consider and a variety of methods available to secure a wireless network. Wireless security can be tricky and hard to secure properly because of the variety of ways to breach a wireless network. Let ServiceKey help you determine the best strategy for your company.

Incident Response

Unfortunately, organizations learn how to respond to security incidents only after suffering attacks. By this time, incidents often become costlier than needed and can detrimental to your business. Proper incident response should be an integral part of your overall security policy and risk mitigation strategy. We can help develop an incident response plan that is right for your business.

Help Desk

ServiceKey offers help desk service that is available 24x7x365. All calls are answered by a live representative and our Help Desk is fully staffed with certified technicians and supported by teams of experienced engineers. Our Offices are located in North America so you are always guaranteed U.S. based support.


If your environment has been deliberately attacked, you may want to take legal action against the perpetrators. In order to pursue this option, our computer forensics team can gather evidence that can be used against them, even if a decision is ultimately made to forego any action. It is extremely important to back up the compromised systems, prior to performing any actions that could affect integrity on the original media.


Proper monitoring of your network environment can be the most important part of securing your environment. It can be used an early indicator of an attack or issue. Monitoring can prevent damage caused blind spots or leaks in your infrastructure by catching the issue before it does serious damage to your company.

Network Security is a requirement for every business in the digital age.


Our security team can assist you to realize your security objectives

IT Lifecycle Management Assessment

This engagement will give you complete understanding and visibility into the security health of your networking environment.

Managed Security Services

Leave it to us to provide end-to-end operational management of your IT and security assets.


We provide proactive, multi-vendor support and maintenance services to help you maximize the availability of your IT estate while optimizing your total IT support spend.

Infrastructure security

As new security threats continue to arise and evolve, a robust security posture is critical to protect your business, your assets and your reputation.

Secure mobile access

Accelerate the productivity of your workforce and embrace innovation… while protecting sensitive data.

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Fully Managed, Enterprise-Grade Security Solution


The challenges surrounding the security work at the company’s sites were numerous: although they had an IT person on staff, there was no dedicated security officer; they were also experiencing slow response from vendors resulting in extended periods of system or device downtime. Their remote sites had outdated firmware and needed software updates, these out-of-date patches often led to unstable systems and decreased performance. There was a major lack of security and compliance standardization which also needed to be addressed.


ServiceKey implemented a managed security service agreement with our southeastern based healthcare client to assisting in managing and maintaining their security at their headquarters and several remote locations.


By helping provide our client with a dedicated and experienced security team, the security at the client’s headquarters and remote sites are much better managed, maintained and organized. Additionally, procedures and standards have been put in place to improve and upgrade their security systems and compliance standardization at these sites. Through the services we provide, we not only continuously help to improve the client’s overall security operations, but are also assisting them to build a future proof and standardized security framework which will bring more stability for years to come.

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