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ServiceKey provides access to the talent and systems you need to innovate faster, keep ahead of the competition and deliver real business value.

ServiceKey has been providing top-notch IT services to businesses, government entities, and healthcare since 2004. Our service packages are completely customizable to meet the needs of each individual customer.

We understand that each business is unique in the way it does business and the technologies it needs to perform at its best. We consider everything from the number and types of devices used, the amount of information that needs to be dealt with and your budget when tailoring a solution for you.

EOSL Vendor Notifications

Worried about the remaining service life of your equipment? Check out the end-of-service-life dates from these popular manufactures. You can rest easy knowing that ServiceKey can extend the service life of your equipment past the OEM so you have more time until you are ready to upgrade. Also, we can service your equipment before the OEM's support clock runs out on your equipment at a discounted price so you have money to reinvest into your company.

2017 Industry Trends

Security steps up to meet the digital age

The chief information security officer faces a new headache: digital complexity. The digital world has changed how organizations communicate with the world out there. The rapid increase in how we use technology to communicate has led to more data and more points of entry or breach.

It’s all about understanding your data … and how to exploit it

The role of data has fundamentally changed. For many years, data centre professionals would concentrate much of their time and energy on things like storage drives and backups, and how best to perform tasks such as replication and de-duplication.

Increase in private cloud adoption

New managed private cloud offerings with consumption-based commercial models continue to attract the savviest IT decision-makers with a ‘cloud-first’ strategy. The new private cloud models are accelerating the migration of non-cloud-native, critical, enterprise-grade applications to the cloud.

Greater transparency and analytics of the spend to optimize infrastructure against business objectives

With the first incarnations of opex-based hybrid cloud models now up and running, and with applications having run on these solutions for some time, organizations are starting to gain a better view of the costs and performance associated with their cloud choices.

Technology’s core value lies in its ability to enable the business

Technology remains a critical element of every organization, but today, its true value lies in its ability to provide real business outcomes.

Build infrastructures to support the new data model of the digital enterprise

Once you’ve clarified your data-related aspirations, the next step is to build an infrastructure to support them and identify what changes this will require. Cloud – and how best to leverage it to your advantage – is an important aspect of this discussion.

Offering innovation and flexibility, quick and high result-oriented work

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ServiceKey Creates Communication API

ServiceKey saves its customers time and money by creating a communication API that bridges the gap between two programs that were previously unable to talk to each other.