Cloud Services

Cloud Solutions provide your business with a secure way to access your data from anywhere that is scalable to your needs.

Much like clouds in the sky, Clouds in the IT world come a variety of forms. Figuring out which Cloud solution aligns best with your business can be a confusing and challenging endeavor and choosing the wrong solution can slow your businesses growth. Whether you want a private cloud or are looking to upgrade and combine your existing public cloud with a private cloud for a hybrid solution, ServiceKey can help you determine which cloud strategy is best for your business. We enable organizations to transform their business by gaining a competitive advantage through utilizing the Cloud for secure, on-demand access to applications, data, and services.

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Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud DR

From the simplest offsite backup to a completely mirrored, continuous High-availability environment and everything in between – our Disaster Recovery solutions are based on your requirements and designed to scale. All DR solutions are engineered, built and located in one of our secure, geo-diverse data centers. We believe part of a good DR solution is making sure your primary is rock-solid.

Hybrid Cloud

The right solution often requires a combination of different infrastructure components. Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions allow you to incorporate public, private and on premise components to create the best fitting environment for your needs. When designed properly, a hybrid cloud configuration can help lower your costs and increase your efficiencies without increasing security risks or decreasing performance.

Backup Management

No matter where you are, you are in full control of your Private Cloud. This extends to hybrid environments as well. Whether you use our Private Cloud Solutions by itself or in conjunction with any other environment, you will always be in full control.


Our Remote Monitoring solution is a managed service that provides peace of mind, transparency and reduces downtime by continuously monitoring your IT infrastructure. Our infrastructure specialists proactively scan and monitor your networks, servers and services to maximize uptime and identify any issues before they turn into downtime – saving you time, money and resources.


Within each single-tenant space, networks are locked down and separated at both the physical and logical layers. The data in your Private Cloud is protected and isolated at the network and hypervisor layers.


Our solutions make obtaining compliance easy by offering all the building blocks you need to comply with industry standards. This begins with our data centers' physical security, moves into our network layer and then ends with our team that integrates with yours to build the exact private cloud infrastructure that you need.

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Fully Managed, Enterprise-Grade Cloud Solutions


A Southeast based legal firm had challenges with inefficiencies using several network service providers, limited data center scalability, as well as geographically limited data center resources. The legal firm had a few other areas of concern. As a small company, our client had a single person handling all on-site IT support. The client’s President worked off-site and traveled frequently, so remote access to data and financial information while traveling was crucial. Additionally, the client’s disaster recovery consisted of a tape backup, which relied on staff remembering to manually switch out tapes and then storing them off-site. ServiceKey’s client needed to find a way to improve their current situation and outsource some of their ongoing IT support to augment their existing personnel.


ServiceKey provides infrastructure, development, and business IT solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. When one of our clients, a Georgia-based Law Firm, needed to transition their on-premise production infrastructure to the cloud, and improve their backup solutions, they looked to ServiceKey for help. In turn, ServiceKey partnered with Lume Cloud Solutions to provide our client with secure and scalable cloud infrastructure services. ServiceKey is more than a managed service provider, our experienced technical teams are cloud and data center experts with the know-how to build and manage complex environments providing fully managed, enterprise-grade cloud solutions.


Prior to the transition to the cloud, the Law Firm's IT resource spent two to three hours daily on routine IT tasks. After transitioning to the cloud, they were able to focus more time on the firm’s most strategic issues. ServiceKey was able to reduced CAPEX by leveraging a full cloud solution, the client avoided an upfront capital expense of approximately $30K. Instead, they pay a monthly fee, which amounts to an annual savings of approximately 40%. ServiceKey’s client also benefited from performance improvements by moving to the cloud, the benefits from the latest hardware, ongoing performance improvements, cutting-edge releases, and through the latest security upgrades. The client’s upgrade and migration to the cloud provided a solid business-continuity solution, allowing availability from anywhere with an internet connection, with the comfort of knowing that their files are always available.

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