Actionable Data

At ServiceKey we manage it all.

ServiceKey will manage the entire life-cycle of the aerial data and ground field data operations; requirements analysis, data collection, processing, actionable intelligence, display, distribution, security and compliance.

We have developed a cloud based Actionable Data SaaS product to connect and manage aerial and ground operations of variety of assets, sensors, personnel, work orders and data structures to communicate with each other in a simple, meaningful way. We do simplify the big data gathered by various resources into actionable data custom for each stakeholder to eliminate the time wasted over processing, analysis and decision making.

Actionable Data Solutions

Actionable Data Management

We use cloud based aerial & ground operations and data management SaaS platform with web apps, mobile/tablet apps with identity and access management.

IoT & Sensor Data Solutions

Connect and manage your field sensors, IoT and other devices to our platform to view, manage and visualize the status and data flow.

Commercial Drone Services

We provide a range of commercial drone services and operate within numerous industrial and commercial sectors and challenging environments, delivering a complete aerial inspection and survey solution.

Aerial and Ground Data Management

Raw and processed data from flights, missions, aerial data, field, sensors, vehicles, field teams, jobs/tasks are securely managed with Android, IOS apps and Web Interface.

Satellite Data Acquisition, Analysis and Processing

We analyse the data collected through multiple assets and missions; set rules/thresholds to generate actionable intelligence for various stakeholders.

Asset and Field Team Operations management

We manage global aerial & ground data including assets(drones, vehicles, machinery), teams/employees, missions/jobs/tasks, supply chain, sites/locations and beyond, all in one platform.

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